Love, Rage, and (Dis)Connection

Here’s a new compilation of writings culled from Love & Rage, the Love & Rage Federation Bulletin, the Chicago-based Wind Chill Factor, and the publication (Dis)Connection. All were produced in the 1990s and help to give an idea of some of the debates that were happening within the anarchist space in the U.S. in the 1990s.

The pieces include:

  • “Fighting White Supremacy” by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  • “Proposal for a New Love and Rage Initiative on Race and Color” by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
  • “Intercollectivism: A Critical View of the Network of Anarchist Collectives” by Brian

In addition to the pieces above, there is a brief introduction with historical information introducing the various projects and publications.

Get the PDF here: Love, Rage, and (Dis)Connection