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New Zine: Neither East Nor West NYC

nenw-coverWe’ve published a new zine, “Neither East Nor West NYC: A De Facto Anarchist Black Cross History, 1980-1994.” The zine is a reformatted version of an essay by Bob McGlynn that explores the history of the group Neither East Nor West. The group was formed in the 1980s in New York City as a way of extending solidarity to comrades in the East (Communist Bloc). Their activities included a variety of educational and organizing efforts. One of their most prominent contribution was the production of On Gogol Boulevard, a publication that provide updates on activities in the East. It was published both as a standalone publication and also appeared as a section in major anarchist publications of the period including Fifth EstateAnarchyThe Shadow, and Profane Existence. With its focus on political prisoners, Neither East Nor West NYC in many ways functioned as a de facto Anarchist Black Cross.

Download the PDF: Imposed / Screen Reading

Zine: Yalensky’s Fable: A History of the Anarchist Black Cross

yalenskys_fableRecently while reading Michael Schmidt’s Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism, we came across a reference to an article by Matthew Hart that explores the history of the Anarchist Black Cross. Hart makes the argument that the anarchist prisoner support effort is one of the longest running anarchist projects.

We’ve put together a zine version of the article and also are reprinting it here.